Simple and Practical Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Simple and Practical Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimizations are the biggest spider webs or in technical terms, we can call them as Spiders of World Wide Web. Due to the huge traffic of websites and increasing demand of search results, getting your website noticed is a big task for the developers. The task does not seem as simple as it sounds. Thus, how do we get our website noticed through search engine optimizer? Grab some of the SEO Tips here.


Basic Key Steps:

  1. Using the right Key Words:

The first and foremost important aspect of the websites is Keywords. They are the soul of search engines. The entire search related to your website depends on them. Thus, using the short and most commonly used keywords is very important. Use them in your webpages, inter-connected pages, titles, descriptions and for image titles. Plus, you should not overload your website with keywords. If you do so, you will find your website in spammer list than in search ranking. They should be simple to catch the eye of the viewer and unique to make your website shine among your contenders.


  1. Use Appropriate Content:

Don’t flush your website with all the page content you have. Use the keyword related content in the first few words. The search engines scan entire content in your website and in the related links connected to the main page. Thus, it is necessary to link the pages in your website and additionally use related content. This is one of the SEO Tips.


  1. Monitor your ranking:

The main aspect of getting noticed is monitoring the number of visitors to your page. Make sure, that you have made necessary publicity about your websites through available social networking sites or other mediums. Apart from the usual, you can also create advertisements with other big sites in your websites to get noticed. For example, if you make an agreement with Amazon about advertising on your page, then your webpage will automatically get a boost of visitors and you will be on the top of the ranking chart.


  1. Using relevant tools:

Making use of a good tool to play your videos or audios on your website and usage of content like Flash or CSS5 are important. If your website contains Flash, then the time for loading your website increases. This may result in degradation of your website ranking. Additionally, it is essential to use updated versions of HTML and CSS. Make sure that you keep your coding platform consistent.

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